Why Printer Ink Is So Expensive

X Hands 3 Guys Dance with 10 Hands

XTRAP is a futuristic dance entertainment crew from Japan who specialize in finger tutting, tutting…

The Great Mattress Migration Of 2019

The Great Mattress Migration of 2019

Rowan Atkinson About Being Recognized In The

Mr. Bean

Can you solve the multiverse rescue mission

A bug in the superconductor system has trapped your team in 11 separate dimensions. Can you get…

Squirrel Grand Prix Furmula 1 Obstacle Course

Can Lewis Scrambleton beat the clock in a race against time to complete the Furmula 1 Squirrel…

Software Development History in 2 Minutes

Learn software development history in 2 minutes – this easy-to-follow video covers 100 years of…

What s Inside A Kangaroo s Pouch

A kangaroo pouch may look like a simple pocket, but it’s actually a complex nursery specially…

Mario Goes Berserk With Kindness

Mario Goes Berserk (With Kindness)

Earth s Rotation Visualized in a Timelapse of the Milky Way

A timelapse of the Milky Way that was recorded using an equatorial tracking mount over a period of…

Dogs Stay Stunningly Still

Occurred on July 22, 2019 / Sundsvall, Vasternorrland, Sweden “This was filmed during a regular…

The Office Theme In 10 GenresThe theme of The Office played in 10 different

The theme of “The Office” played in 10 different genres.

Penn Jillette Answers Magic Questions From

Magician Penn Jillette uses the power of Twitter to answer common questions about magic. Do…

50 People Show Us Their States Accents

In this episode of ‘Culturally Speaking,’ 50 people from the 50 United States of America…

New Zealand Non Smoking PSA


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