What It Was Like To Fly In The 1930’S

Getting on a plane to go somewhere today is almost as simple as catching a train or a taxi. But a century ago it was way more complicated. If you look at photos of aircraft passengers from the 30s, they’re rarely seen without their jackets or coats on. That wasn’t just for the sake of fashion. It was really chilly inside since heated cabins were still rare back then.

The Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just unveiled the Cybertruck, the company’s first electric pickup truck….

Airplane Failure Marriage Proposal

Katherine’s boyfriend Anthony takes her on a romantic flight through the skies – with a few…

How Fingerprints Are Lifted From Various Surfaces

Forensic Expert

23 Strange Things About Life In America From A

23 strange things about life in America (from a Kiwi)

If You Could See Every Satellite What Would The Sky Look

There are over ten thousand satellites in orbit, but only the largest ones in low earth orbit are…

Why Mold Is So Hard To Kill

A single mold can make tens of thousands of seed-like spores, which you can’t see. But that’s just…

Sponges Ability To Pump Water

In this exciting excerpt from the fourth season of Jonathan Bird’s Blue World, Jonathan…

NASA Physicist s Incredible Origami

Twenty five years ago, physicist Robert Lang worked at NASA, where he researched lasers. He has…

Evolution of Television 19202020

The Evolution of Television 1920-2020

Insane Police Chasing Motorcycle Through Town

Luckily no one exited a building while they were speeding down the sidewalk.

Expensive Vs Cheap Winter Tyres

Are Budget Winter Tyres Safe?

Why Plane Tires Don t Explode On Landing

Plane tires need to support thousands of pounds of weight at high speeds, so why don’t they…

The Phone Call That Could Get Trump Impeached

The impeachment inquiry into President Trump started with a phone call. And what makes it…

Contact Juggling Skills

Guy Shows Amazing Contact Juggling Skills 

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