Seeing Through Fog

Researchers out of the Camera Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab have developed a novel imaging system that can gauge the distance of objects shrouded by fog so thick that human vision can’t penetrate it. This system could be a crucial step toward self-driving cars.

Realistic Dolls

Michael Zajkov is an artist. He makes dolls that look super real.

Modifying A Key Chime On A Volvo

“I now have the only Volvo 240 in the world that plays Toto’s Africa as the open door chime!”

Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon Perform a Medley of Classic TV Sitcom Theme

Will Smith and Jimmy perform a live remix of some of the best sitcom theme songs of all time,…

The Best Pet Videos of the Week 205383208681961813

The Pet Collective presents a collection of the best and funniest pet videos that hit the Internet…

A Man Fulfills His Lifelong Dream of Becoming a Wacky Tubeman in Funny Local Car Dealership

“WACKY TUBEMAN”- TV commercial

Robot playdate

This is a video from Agility Robotics of Cassie, a two-legged ostrich inspired robot having a…

Matt Stonie Attempts to Eat a Gigantic Bowl of Fruity

Professional competitive eater Matt “Megatoad” Stonie tests how quickly he can consume a massive…

Guy Censors Himself With A Swinging Pendulum

This is a short video of a Japanese man wearing nothing but a clown bow tie and a smile censoring…

Ozzy Man s Commentary on Drunk Guy vs Truck

“Here’s me running commentary on a man who overcomes obstacles to get into his car. Amazing scenes….

Cartoonist Animates Her Grandmother s Real Conversation With An Amazon

This is a cartoon created by eLL cartoons animating a secretly recorded conversation between her…

4 Producers Get To Remix The Same Song

4 producers get to remix the same song

Attack On Pearl Harbor 1941

(Animated Battle Map)

Pouring Water Down A 50 Meter Well

Pouring water down a 50 meter well.

The Best Fails of the Week 728912012509875738

Fail Army presents a collection of the best and funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during…

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