Samsung made some cringeworthy GIFs to help you fight iPhone users’ blue bubble elitism

We all have that friend who disses us for not having an iPhone. Especially when you’re texting, your mate isn’t going to leave out an opportunity to remind you that he can’t use all the glorious iMessage features like read receipts, high-quality image sharing, and more, because your text bubbles are green. In fact, iPhones are incompatible with RCS, which could solve the problem of high-quality cross-platform SMS texting. With no resolution in sight, Samsung’s marketing team has decided to pour oil into the fire instead. It now offers a selection of green-bubble comeback GIFs on Giphy, each one weirder than the other.


The campaign is quite reminiscent of Samsung ads of old (and new), where the company loved bashing Apple and its customers for using supposedly worse products. This strategy already backfired when Samsung announced the Note10 without a headphone jack and subsequently took down videos flaying Apple for removing it from its devices. While attacking Apple for its exclusive messaging service seems like a safe bet, it could go wrong should the Cupertino company ever decide to open up to RCS or – God forbid – go cross-platform with its messenger. Samsung even went out of its way to cooperate with Instagram meme pages to promote the snarky GIFs.

It’s also questionable what exactly Samsung wants to achieve with this campaign. It’s not advertising a messenger of its own and doesn’t mention other cross-platform chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Signal. Those would at least allow iPhone and Android users to utilize features the SMS standard is lacking.


If you want to, check out the rest of the gallery in the source link below, but be prepared to close the lid of your laptop, muttering “That’s enough internet for the day.” Some of the GIFs are cringeworthy.

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