Living Underwater: How Submarines Work

A Day In The Life Of An Australian

Everything that happens in one day for an Australian. Every Australian, they are all the same.

How This Guy Built a Roller Coaster In His

Some people have backyard swimming pools. Some have basketball courts out back. Will Pemble built a…

Touchscreen From 1984

Casio AT-552 Janus, touch screen and gesture control.

Firing 1000 Rockets At 1000 Rockets

Colin Furze celebrates 7 million subscribers.

Chinese Construction Worker Shuffle Dance

Chinese construction worker shuffle dance

Everything You Need To Know About Driving In The

How To Drive In Snow, And How Winter Tires Work

Pill That Expands And Later Contracts In Your

MIT engineers have designed an ingestible, Jell-O-like pill that, upon reaching the stomach,…

This Guy Really Knows How To Put A Twist On A

Enter the Snake: Twist of Fury

1 Guitar Skills 9 Chopsticks Skills 90 Editing

1% Guitar Skills 9% Chopsticks Skills 90% Editing Skills

36 Westerns Timed To First Gunshot

Watch full screen.

Daniel Radcliffe Goes Undercover on the Internet

Daniel Radcliffe goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter,…

The Best Viral Videos of the Week 389429723760728289


Ozzy Man s Commentary on WTF Happened in January

“Here’s me commentary on WTF Happened in January 2019. “

MisheardLyrics 118870182287164525

Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #MisheardLyrics.

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