How to Make the Chilean Sea Bass Entrée from ‘Jurassic Park’

“Fun fact: Chilean sea bass was nearly fished into extinction after its mere mention in Jurassic Park!  That’s actually not a very fun fact.  That’s kinda messed up.  While still overfished, it can be acquired legally – while fetching a price of $30/lb.  A delicious (and less expensive) alternative is black cod!”

LinManuel Miranda Teaches You Broadway Slang

Vanity Fair cover star Lin-Manuel Miranda teaches you Broadway slang.

Guy Never Got Attached To The Hang Glider

First time hang gliding. Switzerland.

How Polar Bears Dry Off

Polar bears have their own special way of drying off after a swim.

Massive Crater Discovered Under Greenland Ice

In a remote area of northwest Greenland, an international team of scientists has made a stunning…

A Storm Of Beauty

Thunderstorm time lapse and spectacular phenomenon with facts and information of where to witness…

The Ultimate Chain Coffee Taste Test

America runs on… 7-Eleven? It’s time to see if we can tell these coffee chains’ coffees…

How to Push a Baby in a Stroller

New Zealand dad Jordan Watson demonstrates some of the different techniques dads use to push their…

The Dance Troupe Inspiring Beyonc

What started off as an innovative way to break free from traditional baton twirling has turned into…

The Best Viral Videos of the Week 144253600405877219

Jukin Video put together this entertaining roundup of the crazy, hilarious, and heartwarming videos…

Restoring An Old Painting

The Conservation of “Iron Workers by Reginald Marsh

The New Supercomputer Behind The US Nuclear

“Sierra” was just crowned the second-most powerful supercomputer on the planet. And while most…

Timelapse Of The Russian Cargo Spacecraft

16 November 2018 – Viewed from the ISS

Seven Essential Knots You Need To Know

7 Essential Knots You Need To Know

Ozzy Man s Commentary on Animal Parenting

“Ozzy Man Reviews,” adds amusing commentary to clips moms and dads from the animal world.

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