ElevationLab CordDock is not just a clever name

Wireless Qi charging appears to be the future for smartphones; even the latest iPhones include wireless charging. But some of us haven’t yet upgraded to the latest wirelessly-charged iPhones yet, and further, some of might prefer not to. ElevationLab has been designing and building well-engineered, durable and aesthetically pleasing smartphone accessories for years, going back to their original ElevationDock (which I owned and really liked). Their latest product, the CordDock, is a bit of a transformer in that it, “combines the flexibility of a cord, with the benefits of a dock, in one ultra-compact design.” Here’s how it works: Pull up to undock your iPhone one-handed like normal, or rotate forward to take the cord with you! Simple. Made from machined stainless steel and polymer components with a matte finish, it includes a micro-suction underside to help it stay put on smooth surfaces, and it can even be adjusted to be used with cases of different thicknesses. The price tag is very reasonable at $39.00. Visit ElevationLab for more info or to order.

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