Drone racing track proposed for Naperville tech hub as enthusiasts dream of permanent place to train, compete

Interest in an indoor track dedicated to drone racing is picking up speed in Naperville as enthusiasts dream of a permanent location to train and compete.

Chicago weather can be brutal for the sport, so groups like the Chicago Drone Racers hone their skills during the winter at the White Pines Golf Dome in Bensenville. As the seasons turn warmer, they head outdoors.

A place to fly year-round is possible if Naperville lands a business startup hub that is expected to focus on the emerging tech markets of robotics, droids, virtual and augmented reality, communication technology, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and drones.

Hub organizers are eyeing 200,000 square feet of vacant space on the grounds of the Nokia campus at the corner of Warrenville and Naperville roads, of which 40,000 square feet on the fifth floor would be dedicated to the drone track and racers.

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