[Continuously Updated] 2018 April Fools’ Roundup: All the jokes from around the web

April Fools’ day is almost upon us, but each year at least a few companies are unable to restrain themselves, pushing out their pranks early. Google’s various divisions do a decent job each year. Last year’s Google Gnome was a pretty good one, and the Maps team’s 2014 Pokemon prank was a memorable one. OnePlus even does a good job.

It can be tough keeping track, though, so let us handle the work while you enjoy the jokes.

Where’s Waldo in Google Maps

This year’s Google Maps prank might remind you of times spent in an elementary school library. Waldo—of “Where’s Waldo” fame—is appearing on Google Maps in a new game that, much like the books of our childhood, takes us to different places all over the world.


Waldo appears on both the Google Maps app and desktop site, inviting you to play.

Playing is easy, just go to the Google Maps desktop site or fire up the app and our childhood duochromatic friend will pop his head in to see if you’d like to play. From there on out, it’s just like you remember it, only now Google can help keep score.

For more information on how to play, Google has even put together a set of detailed multiplatform instructions.

Google Cloud Hummus API

It can be tough finding precisely the right hummus for your tastes. There’s a whole world of garlicy, red-peppery, artichokey goodness to be explored together with it, but it can be daunting, and that’s why Google is rolling out a new machine learning-based Google Cloud Hummus API based on a simple “quick lick test.”

Google’s Cloud Platform April Fools’ day jokes are always pretty great. Last year’s Google Wind was hilarious and featured great production values. This year’s Cloud Hummus API is every bit as funny.

OnePlus’ PeiCoin

All of the details don’t seem to be live just yet, but the cryptocurrency teaser OnePlus pushed out earlier this week looks to be on track.

In a page on the company’s site, a number of details surrounding this new “PeiCoin” currency were revealed, including the ability to mine on OnePlus phones directly via OxygenOS. Other than that, it sounds like a normal cryptocurrency, but by OnePlus.

So far it isn’t that funny, but hopefully, OnePlus will reveal that there’s more to the joke tomorrow.

T-Mobile Sidekicks

The magenta house of Legere is bringing back one of T-Mobile’s most historically loved devices: the Sidekick. It’s a bit different this time, though.

It’s the world’s first “Smartshoephone,” and it’s hilarious. T-Mobile’s marketing usually does fairly funny work when it comes to their day job, and they’ve put in the same level of effort (if not more) here. I’d probably have to label this as one of 2018’s April Fools’ day highlights.

I could tear apart all the specific details I find funny from T-Mobile’s video, but it really speaks for itself. Just watch it.

I really f****** want the John Legere personal assistant.

Razer Project Venom v2


The limit in your gaming performance? You. Razer has a solution, though. It’s new Project Venom V2 is a nanobot-based upgrade that makes you into an extension of the company’s gaming hardware. Just insert Venom V2 into your preferred orifice, and you’re off. (Razer Phone Venom app coming soon.)

If you dig Razer’s “xTrEmE GaMeRz” ostentation (or if you think it’s hilarious when taken seriously by itself), then Razer’s April Fools’ day joke might just tickle your funny bone. Either way, if you register to participate as their Fools’ day site encourages, you have a chance to win a “full suite of Razer Chrome hardware.”

That’s all we’ve spotted so far, but we’ll keep an eye out for more. April Fools’ day isn’t over yet.

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