Charge your phone with the power of dilithium crystals!

Why settle for one of those plain USB plug-in sticks for your car’s cigarette lighter when you could instead plug in a warp core from The Enterprise?  The Star Trek TNG Warp Core USB charger plugs into the car’s 12V power port and sits in a cup holder.  (The passenger can hold their own drink!)  It has two 2.1A USB ports, so you can even charge two tablets simultaneously.

Just like the “real warp drive”, this miniature drive has blue lights that pulse vertically; you can switch the light off if you find it too distracting.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t thrum like the TNG version does, so it won’t interfere with your driving tunes.

The warp core measures 8″ tall x 4.5″ maximum diameter, with a 36″ cord.  This charger is officially-licensed and is created by and exclusive to ThinkGeek.  Purchase the Star Trek TNG Warp Core USB Car Charger for $39.99 at ThinkGeek.

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