Budapest Airport suspends flights for second consecutive day over drone activity – Euronews

Budapest Airport has temporarily suspended flights for a second consecutive day after a drone was spotted flying nearby.

A tweet from the airport on Tuesday evening said flights in and out of Liszt Ferenc International Airport would be suspended “due to drone detection”.

It comes less than 24 hours after air traffic control was forced to close airspace around the Hungarian capital for nearly half an hour after a similar incident.

In a statement to Facebook, Hungarocontrol said the drone activity was “not funny”.

It added: “Five aircraft and thousands of passengers on them could land because they were flying over the runways again and Liszt Ferenc International Airport had to be closed.”

One passenger, Ercan Yurekli, tweeted about his boredom from his aircraft.

“Did you find the drone?” he asked the airport. “We are bored in the plane.”

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