– DNS for faster, more private browsing

You can think of DNS (domain name system) as the directory of the internet. It’s the thing that connects the name of a website (google.com) to its IP address ( With every action that requires internet access, the first thing that needs to happen is your device looking up the address of a domain. And that’s potentially a big problem, according to Cloudflare.

Many of the default DNS services on your devices are slow and can keep logs of every site you’ve visited, even if that site is encrypted. Cloudflare is trying to change all of that with the introduction of,  which promises faster domain resolution and more privacy than default DNS.

I’ve been using it for the past few days on my home WIFI router and on my mobile devices and it does seem to access websites a bit faster. I’m already running a VPN on those devices to mask my IP address, but this new DNS is another step toward more privacy online. The setup couldn’t be easier and can be done on any device or internet router, so why not check out their site and give it a shot?

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